Judges: Doug Martin, (Dogs) Tanya Lewis , (Bitches)

BIS DCC Hartsett Flash Dance,
RBIS BCC Valsett Starlite Night Sky,
BPIS Richecca The Snow Queen
RBPIS Silvamoon Shades of Blue Over Radlake
BVIS Lakecastle Kasumi at Wistaston.
RDCC Sorbus Storm Ryder BP Silvamoon Close to the Edge
RBCC Tattersett Lucerne
Dogs Bitches
Minor Puppy Dog
1st Silvamoon Shades of Blue Over Radlake
Minor Puppy Bitch
1st Richecca The Snow Queen,
2nd Chanina Golden Rose,
3rd Kanietter Krumpet
Puppy Dog
no entries
Puppy Bitch
1st Monaysbrige Iris
Veteran Dog
no entries
Veteran Bitch
1st Lakecastle Kasumi at Wistaston,
2nd Hartsett All my Lovin,
3rd Grakar Starstruck at Fleckers,
Res Swannery Blue Rose
Junior Dog
1st Phenset Firestorm
Junior Bitch
no entries
Yearling Dog
1st Sunsprake Close to the Edge at Yessandi,
2nd Tattersett Rainbow Legacy
Yearling Bitch
1st Valsett Starlight Night Sky,
2nd Tattersett Frankels Story at Ormstiga
Maiden Dog
no entries
Maiden Bitch
1st Tattersett Rainswept
Novice Dog
1st Edge of Dreams at Archenset,
2nd Tattersett Rainbow Legacy
Novice Bitch
1st Valsett Starlight Night Sky,
2nd Pewterspeare Pirouette,
3rd Walshaw Illumination,
Res Tattersett Rainswept
Tyro Dog
1st Edge of Dreams at Archenset
Tyro Bitch
1st Valsett Starlight Night Sky
Undergraduate Dog
1st Dyrham Desert Storm
Undergraduate Bitch
no entries
Graduate Dog
1st Severnsett Firecracker,
2nd Cornsett the Wise One
Graduate Bitch
1st Mariglen Xara at Monaysbridge,
2nd Wansleydale Bedazzled at Caleydene,
3rd Severnsett Dark Angel,
Res Walshaw Illumination
VHC Hawklawn KImberella
Post Graduate Dog
1st Samelen Comeback Special,
2nd Ravensett Giovanni,
3rd Sharnyx Glacier Ice,
Res. Tawnymeade Tranquil Waters,
VHC Back to Black De los Viterones(Imp Esp)
Post Graduate Bitch
1st Tattersett Cool Roxy,
2nd Sharnyx Esmerelda,
3rd Hartsett Lady in Grey,
Res Wansleydale Amaretto,
VHC Hartsett Vanity Fair
Mid Limit Dog
1st Alolfrana Memphis Rock,
2nd Wansleydale Dorian Grey,
3rd Hartsett Last Waltz.
Mid Limit Bitch
1st Tattersett Lucerne,
2nd Sorbus Plays the Fool at Dyrham,
3rd Hannahdene Ruby Tuesday
Limit Dog
1st Hartsett Flash Dance,
2nd Bramstorm Forest Sprite,
3rd Back to Black De los Viterones (Imp Esp)
Limit Bitch
1st Richecca Chorus Girl,
2nd Phenset Sparks will Fly,
3rd Hawklawn Kaleidoscope
Open Dog
1st Sorbus Storm Ryder,
2nd Canteris Cool for Catz JW
Open Bitch
1st Valsett Starlite Indigo Sky,
2nd IrSh Ch Hawklawn Summer Breeze
Special Beginners Dog
no entries
Special Beginners Bitch
1st Wansleydale Amaretto
Special Memorial Awards

Judge: Mrs Jinty Gill-Davies
Class A: Don Christie Memorial Junior Stakes
1st Phenset Firestorm
2nd Pewterspeare Pirouette
Class B: Don Christie Memorial Open Stakes
1st Samelen Comeback Special,
2nd Hartsett Vanity Fair,
3rd Wansleydale Dorian Grey,
Res Phenset Sparks will Fly JW,
VHC 7 Sorbus Plays the Fool at Dyrham
Class C: Chairman's Champion Stakes
1st IR SH. CH. Hawklawn Summer Breeze