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Hampshire Gundog Society Hilary Jones - 20th March 2106

English Setters
All exhibits were well presented and demonstrated good temperament, though the puppies were full of ‘fizz’, possibly due to the bitterly cold wind. Movement was disappointing in some, in spite of having a generous sized ring in which to show dogs’ gait to good advantage.

Puppy (3)
1 Loakes’ Rachdale Painted Lace at Goldbirch. BPIB. 10 mth old blue bitch, Very balanced with lovely outline, pretty head. Elegant head with dark eye, well ribbed up, low hocks and neat feet.
2 Mellish’s Wattlewood Silver Arrow to Monbrec.7 mth old BB dog. Well boned, balanced head with reach of neck leading into broad chest, well-sprung ribs, strong loin, good spring of rib. A little close behind on the move, which will hopefully improve as he muscles up with maturity. Lost out on maturity to 1
3 Wilson’s Wattlewood Gold don’t Rust

Junior (3, 1 withdrawn)
1 Loakes’ Bournehouse Sash of Gold at Goldbirch. OB bitch, 17 mths. Elegant overall, expressive head set on long neck. Good depth of rib, low hocks, neat feet. Correct silky texture to coat.
2 Gwilian & Bozier’s Albadora Second Thoughts of Victoriaview. 1yr old dog, his handler had to work hard to show him at his best! Still needs to mature overall, but correct angulation, level tail carriage. When he settled, gaited very well with lovely free-moving stride.

Graduate (6, 2 abs)
1 Deering’s Skylark of Rosetimber. BoB, shortlisted by the BIS judge. OB bitch, 21 months, very well balanced and feminine.  Excellent angulation front and rear, good breadth of chest. All contributing to lovely movement, even stride with reach and drive. Well muscled up, looks as if she could go for miles! 
2 Loakes’ Bournehouse Sash of Gold at Goldbirch. Not moving so well in this class.
3 Mellish’s Walshaw Blinded by Love for Monbrec

Postgraduate (2)
1 Loakes’ Bournehouse Sash of Gold at Goldbirch
2 Mellish’s Gemsett Pole Position for Monbrec. 3yr old dog, well-constructed overall. Masculine in appearance, good bone, moved well

Open (2), 1 abs
1 Bennet’s Mariglen Blue Star. RBOB. 3yr old BB dog of good size and substance. A touch heavy in head, but body-wise showed satisfactory.balance.  One of the best movers of the day (helped by good muscletone), his effortless ground-covering stride complemented by good tail carriage and tailset
Hilary Jones

Swindon DCS Open Show Chris Mottishaw – 5th March 2106

English Setters
Thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge at this friendly well organised show. Thanks also to my stewards for their help, and to all the exhibitors for a wonderful entry at my first judging appointment.

J (4) 1 Sharple’s Kanietter Silverstone. 8 month o/b dog. Very handsome puppy with dark eyes and a melting expression. Beautifully balanced with excellent front & well placed shoulders. Good rear angulation and level topline which he held well whilst moving with drive and enthusiasm. Really seemed to enjoy himself and I was delighted to see him go on to win AV Gundog Puppy, Gundog PG1 and eventually RBPIS; 2 Tompsett’s Radbrooks Sloop JohnB; 3 Gwilliam & Bozier’s Victoriaview Red Hot Poker.

PG (4,3a) 1 Mellish’s Walshaw Blinded by Love for Monbrec. Dark b/b 2yr old male. Beautiful head with soft expression and dark eyes. Clean neck and good shoulders. Excellent rear angulation & bend of stifle, moved with drive & lashing tail action. Presented in lovely condition RBOB; 2 Jolley’s Anlory Burano via Jolymore; 3 Mitchell, Withey & Crave’s Sorbus Belfry Lad

O (4,2a) 1 Croft & Littlechild’s Ravensett Royal Legacy with Thistlesett. Nearly 4yr old b/b dog. Very masculine head. Presented a balanced picture when stood with a lovely outline. Deep chest, good spring of rib and strong loin. Straight front with nice tight feet, excellent rear angulation & bend of stifle. Level topline with correct tailset. Shown in full coat and lovely condition. BOB; 2 Mitchell & Withey’s Shanandi Match Play at Sunsprake; 3 Tompsett’s Radbrooks Kokomo

Chris Mottishaw