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British Veterinary Association.
British Veterinary Association. Professional organisation for vets - together with the Kennel Club administers the Hip Dysplasia scoring scheme.
Deaf Dogs Help
Deaf Dogs Help - very rarely, English Setters (together with other mainly white breeds) can suffer from deafness. Barry Eaton's site gives practical advice on useful strategies which are more fully explained in his book 'Hear hear'
Kennel Club / BVA Summary
Kennel Club / BVA Summary results of the purebred dog health survey for English Setters. 
Based on data collected several years ago - the most comprehensive UK study so far.
Mate Select
Mate Select, the KC's online tool for assessing inbreeding coefficient.
Pet Blood Bank UK
Pet Blood Bank UK.  Could your setter save a life? Modern vets can work wonders - but only if they have the resources they need. Most healthy dogs weighing over 25kg can be recruited as donors. The dog gets a biscuit afterwards, but the owner gets the cup of tea!
Seasonal Canine Illness
Seasonal Canine Illness - the Animal Health Trust urgently needs information from owners whose dogs have been affected - can you help?
World Fascinating site maintained by Mike Herwin, ideal for tracing bloodlines