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Patricia Audrey Hammond

The below tribute was read out at Patricias funeral a few weeks ago by her sister and we would like other members to realise what an amazing lady she was.

Patricia Audrey Hammond was the youngest of 3 children, born to Peter and Audrey Winslet; Peter who took the name of his father was her elder brother and myself Julia.
Pat was born in Luton on the 3rd September 1947; She attended both Stopsley junior and senior schools
After leaving school Pat worked at the Maypole grocery shop and went to night school for typing and shorthand.  After only 6 months Pat obtained a job at the Co-op bakery working in the office. Pat met Brian in 1962 at the local youth Club and they got married in 1964.
Sharon was Pat and Brian’s first born and was sadly born with cerable palsy and hydrocephalus, after which they both became members of the Herts and south beds spina bifida and hydrocephalus association.  The following year their little boy David arrived but unfortunately died shortly after birth.
Two years later Lesley came along then Julia and finally Claire. As Pat was now at home looking after the family she took up the post of secretary to the spina bifida and hydrocephalus association and in addition was secretary to the parents and friends association for the Lady Zia Werner School for physically handicapped children.
Pat was also a school governor. At the same time as doing all this she took on the role of voluntary hospital car service driver for the ambulance service, this entailed her to collect children from local schools or homes and take them into the Lady Zia Wernher School for physiotherapy. 
At lunchtime it was the nursery run, when the small children would need to go home and the afternoon children collected and taken into nursery. 
In the evenings when Brian was home, Pat would go to her evening job at Caesar’s palace in Luton.  Brian and Pat also fostered physically and mentally handicapped children to give their parents a break, this also included adolescent children.
When the girls were older Pat went back to office work first for Atlantex music where she was a manager for two video shops, she also ran the storeroom and repair workshop.  This company would supply equipment to the musicians for the likes of Annie Lennox of the Eurthimics. When the company was brought out by a London company she decided not to travel to London to work, and so started work at Coulter Electronics where she was UK Sales Admin Supervisor; this company made and supplied medical supplies to hospitals and laboratories all over England.
When the company started to get into difficulties she moved to F & R Cawley Waste Disposal in Luton, where she worked on computers.
In 1979 Pat found a new interest at weekends taking and showing her dogs Wellington the Briard and Max the English setter at dog shows all over England/Scotland and Wales.
Pat did this for a few years but had to put it on hold for 3 years When Sharon suffered two strokes. Then in 1989 after Max and Wellington had died Pat and Brian brought Barnaby the English setter for her to show. And since Barnaby they have had six more dogs. Pat was still showing Skye and Rio until July this year.
After Sharon had her third stroke in 1999 Pat left work to do child minding, this enabled her to be at home for Sharon going to and from her day centre.
Pats hobbies included needlework, when the girls were younger she would make most of their clothes and when each of them got married she made their Wedding Gowns, Bridesmaids dresses and even their bouquets. She also loved gardening and cooking, to Pat their was nothing better than having a BBQ in the summer with all her family and friends round.
Another of Pats favourite things was giving dinner parties and also going to their caravan at Eccles in Norfolk where she loved to go with Brian, the girls and the dogs for a few weeks break.
Then as the girls had their children they would also go down, Pat had 7 grand children and 3 great grand children who she adored.
Other events Pat looked forward to each year was going to Bournemouth in October for the weekend with the Hammonds to attend a Masonic Ladies night. She also enjoyed many visits to the theatre.
For the past 15 years Pat had cooked meals for both mothers and Sharon to ensure they had hot meals, not for just 1 day but for every day of the week, she would pack their freezer’s each Tuesday and Friday So all they needed to do was take them out and heat them.
In 2006 Sharon wanted her own independence and at that time Brian had been offered relocation with his job so they moved to Flore.
Just a few days after arriving in Flore Pat took a job with Daventry District Council, where she worked up until being diagnosed with cancer in 2008 this challenge she faced with dignity and courage.
Facing many visits to London hospitals for Chemo and surgery.
As a lot of you will know it was Pats and Brian’s Golden Wedding Anniversary on the 29th of July this year, Pat was determined to make it as she had planned a celebration party, unfortunately she had a stroke 10 days before and was in hospital. For the anniversary we did however manage to give her a small party in the hospital with all her close family attending.
In the short time Pat had been in Flore She became a Parish Councillor and a Trustee for the Brodie Lodge playing field. She joined the indoor short mat bowls club and played bowls in Nether Hayford she also became a member of Flore W.I. Bugbrook Flower Club.
Pat you packed so much into your life gave so much time and effort for others but took so little out for yourself.
Pat you were my sister, goddaughter and friend, and for that I thank you.
You will be sadly missed by all who knew you .